Webtoon authors Park Tae-joon and Yaongyi to appear on “Today’s Webtoon”, “Their acting is as good as their visual”

Park Tae-joon and Yaongyi will appear in "Today's Webtoon" to add reality to the webtoon company setting.

In the second episode of the SBS Friday-Saturday drama “Today’s Webtoon,” which will air on July 30th, real webtoon authors Park Tae-joon and even Yaongyi will appear as special appearances.

Kim Se Jeong

Park Tae-joon is a former “ulzzang” model and the famous author of Naver Webtoon’s “Lookism”. Author Yaongyi is known as the author of Naver Webtoon’s “Beauty Inside”, and she is also active as an influencer who is even prettier than the characters in her work.

“Today’s Webtoon”, which deals with the webtoon industry, said, “In particular, as the relationship between webtoon authors and editors will be highlighted in the second episode, we planned special appearances to increase the reality by casting actual webtoon authors.”

park tae jun

The still cuts, which were released before the main broadcast today (July 30th), captured the scene of two authors acting in the real world of a webtoon author. According to the production team, Park Tae-joon and Yaongyi performed as well as their excellent visuals. In particular, as filming progressed in the studio of actual webtoon artists, the reality of the drama increased.

park tae jun

The production team said, “Both author Park Tae-joon and author Yaongyi showed off acting skills comparable to actors without much rehearsal. We would like to express our gratitude towards them. In episode 2, the episode of two real webtoon authors and the new editor ‘Goo Jun-yeong’ (Nam Yoon-su) will unfold. Please look forward to what kind of ‘real’ stories were exchanged.”

Source: daum

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