This former SM female idol boasts a dizzying sense of volume after her contract ended 

On August 27th, Luna, a member of SM girl group f(x), posted a photo on her Instagram with the caption: “It was practically impossible to swim 5 times a week, but I practice breathing while swimming at least 3 times a week + constantly doing strength training and stretching in the water”.

In the photo, Luna is wearing a white swimsuit and showing off her voluminous body, attracting attention. She showed off her sexy charms that would be unimaginable when she was still promoting in a girl group.

Luna also expressed her passion for her job, saying: “Since I was young, my father told me that the basics of singing are breathing and vocalization, so never I never miss out and practice steadily. As an idol, I have to dance and sing at the same time, so I became short of breath and gradually used my chest to breathe. I felt that my vocal cords and body were being damaged, so I am practicing one by one with the mindset of ‘Let’s stick to the basics’.”

Meanwhile, Luna debuted with f(x)’s digital single album “LA chA TA” in 2009, and will make her Broadway debut in New York this October with the musical “KPOP”.

Source: dispatch

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