“I felt nervous since the morning”, Joy’s boyfriend Crush confesses his inner feelings that arouse fans’ concern

Singer Crush, who is publicly dating Red Velvet Joy, confessed his worries on “I Live Alone”.

The broadcast of MBC’s program “I Live Alone”, which aired on November 11th, showed Crush’s daily life when taking a break after finishing his schedule.

Crush Joy

Taking a break two months after releasing a new song, Crush went to his favorite bar in the neighborhood late at night.

crush i live alone

Crush shared, “Whenever I felt happy or sad, the bar’s owner listened to everything I said. Because of that emotional tie between us, I went there very often”, explaining why he has been visiting that bar for two years.

crush i live alone

Upon arriving at the bar, Crush sat in his reserved seat and had a deep conversation with some customers. When he was in the mood, Crush said to a customer, “Since you’re a psychiatry…”, and began confessing his worries.

crush i live alone

Crush said, “Many people easily get burned out. I’m a little burned out right now, so I want to know what I should do with it”.

An acquaintance next to Crush revealed that the male singer felt pressured and worried a lot about the release of his new song “Rush Hour”.

crush i live alone

Crush shared, “I was very nervous that morning. I decided to rest because I had been working so hard, but then I went out and walked around more. I couldn’t stay still”.

At Crush’s confession, the customer advised, “Burnout is kinda like the weather. You don’t know how you would feel when waking up in the morning. But you can choose what to do. If that action makes you feel better, then you can just try it”.

crush i live alone

Crush then said, “I had a nightmare, and I felt like I was in that nightmare for the whole day”. Upon hearing this, the customer said, “Shouldn’t the dragonfly be in the north?”, making everyone laugh by mentioning Fengshui geography (the theory of divination based on topography). 

The bar’s owner said, “Since you want to keep working, taking a rest is also very important”, trying to comfort Crush.

crush i live alone

Meanwhile, Crush made his debut with the single “Red Dress” in 2012 and gained popularity after releasing several hit songs, including “NAPPA” and “Don’t Forget”.

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