Suzy’s outstanding drawing skills took everyone by surprise today (March 31st)

In connection with the paintings that actress Suzy drew as a hobby, the paintings that were revealed on previous broadcasts are attracting attention again.

On March 31st, Suzy posted a Vlog video titled “Do you want to draw with me?” on her YouTube channel. The video showed Suzy drawing in a studio.

Regarding the reason why she took up drawing as a hobby, Suzy said, “It’s just a hobby. You don’t have to be good at it. No rules or anything, so I feel free. Of course when you start drawing, you desire to draw better. Only I need to agree with myself, so there’s nothing to get stressed about.”

She explained, “I’d lose interest in hobbies real quick, but painting is easy to start. It makes you feel proud when you’re done. It’s very difficult to feel satisfied when doing work, but I become generous with other things. I think that’s necessary.”


After the Vlog was released, Suzy’s fans compared Suzy’s paintings on entertainment shows “Weekly Idol”, “Happy Together” to Suzy’s recent paintings, saying, “Why is a pretty girl that good at drawing?”, “She really has everything” and “She draws as a hobby, so it’s cool to draw that well.”

Meanwhile, at the 21st Director’s Cut Awards, which was broadcast live on Naver NOW on Feb 24th, Suzy won “Best Actress in Television” with “Anna”.

Suzy’s award-winning work “Anna” tells the story of a woman who lives a completely different life starting with a small lie. It was released on “Coupang Play” in June last year.


Suzy received favorable reviews for playing a double role of Lee Yu Mi, a woman born to a poor father and a disabled mother, and Lee Anna, a perfect woman whom everyone envies.

Meanwhile, Suzy’s Netflix drama “Doona!” is about to be released in 2023.

“Doona!” is a drama based on Min Song Ah’s work “The Girl Downstairs”, which has been serialized on Naver since July 2019. It depicts the story of the ordinary college student Lee Won Jun (Yang Se Jong) meeting Lee Doona (Suzy), who retired after leaving behind the glamorous K-pop idol days, and becoming housemates.

Source: Wikitree

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