Controversial Outfits in K-Dramas: The Top 5 Debated Fashion Choices

Here are 5 most controversial outfits in Korean dramas.

Fashion in Korean dramas has always been a topic of great interest. In addition to the trendsetting outfits, Korean dramas also feature outfits that spark controversy. Here are the 5 dramas in Korean dramas that have stirred up discussions among netizens:


Cha Joo Young in “The Glory” left a lasting impression with her tight white dress in Part 1 of the series. This revealing dress has a deep V-neck and a body-hugging fit. In Korean culture, women are expected to dress discreetly, so the director of “The Glory” faced criticism from netizens for making Cha Joo Young wear this dress.


Go Ara in “Ms. Hammurabi” surprised viewers with the story behind her black cloak called a niqab. At that time, her character had to wear a dress that was too revealing, so Go Ara wore this black outfit to avoid criticism. 


Eum Moon Suk in “Backstreet Rookie” made viewers uncomfortable because he appropriated white culture. Specifically, in a scene with a person of color, he not only displayed a lack of courtesy but also cosplayed in the style of a Jamaican. This action was deemed excessive and offensive, especially considering the attention to the Black Lives Matter movement.


“Man Who Dies To Live” is set in a fictional location modeled after Middle Eastern countries, but it featured sensitive scenes such as women wearing swimsuits and bikinis. This immediately faced severe criticism as the production crew showed insensitivity towards national culture.


The character Alex Lee in “Penthouse 3” faced immediate opposition due to his styling. The way he dressed, tattoos, accessories, and especially his dreadlock hairstyle were accused of cultural appropriation.

Source: K14. 

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