5 facts you might not know about Kim Soo-hyun’s homosexual kiss in the hit drama “The Thieves” starring Jeon Ji-hyun

The same-sex kiss scene in “The Thieves” was like a nightmare for both actors, Kim Soo-hyun and Choi Deok-moon.

In “The Thieves,” Yenicall (Jeon Ji-hyun) tried to seduce the casino manager with her natural smell and beauty, but the manager’s taste was not Yenicall, but the pretty boy Zampano (Kim Soo-hyun). Zampano eventually became the subject of the kiss. 

Here are a few interesting facts about this hilarious scene:

The Thieves
  1. This scene was actually filmed late at night. Everyone was tired and sleepy, but the setting in the movie was so fun and interesting that both the cast and staff were not tired and enjoyed watching Kim Soo-hyun and Choi Deok-moon‘s kiss.
  1. Main director Choi Dong-hoon ordered that Choi Deok-moon and Kim Soo-hyun‘s same-sex kiss scene ignore the setting and lines in the script and naturally act on the spot. In fact, the two actors also didn’t like to act ahomosexual kiss scene, but they ended up doing it for their work. They did their best and completed this scene better than expected. For that reason, the director watched this scene carefully and later made a pleasant face. He didn’t shout for a cut until they completed the kiss scene.
  1. From the perspective of actors who did the scene, it is said that each of them had a lot of fun when the other actor completed a very detailed action. In particular, Choi Deok-moon‘s acting in the movie created a very funny moment. In the movie, during the conversation with  Choi Deok-moon‘s character, Kim Soo-Hyung’s character said “Really?” and smiled shyly, showing his dimple. The cast laughed loudly at this scene while watching the movie. This is because Choi Deok-moon‘s exciting emotional acting was so detailed and realistic.
The Thieves
  1. Director Choi Dong-hoon said he knew Kim Soo-hyun would become a really good actor after filming this scene (This was when the actor’s name was known thanks to the drama “Dream High”). His silently focusing on acting without caring about how difficult the scene was and his own detailed emotional acting while being kissed (?) left a deep impression and contributed greatly to the fun of the scene.
  1. Originally, at the end of this scene, there was a scene where Jeon Ji-hyun left the bar and raised her thumb toward Kim Soo-hyun, who was kissing, but she did not appear on the camera.

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