Revealing the list of Kris Wu’s 20 lovers , the scandal even get on BBC

No one would have expected that Kris Wu would be known all over the world in this way.

Asian showbiz is “crazy” because of Kris Wu’s shocking scandal with hunting young girls, seducing underages, getting drunk and 1001 shocking cheating details. The 19-year-old beauty Du Meidzu and the hot girl Weibo cast, in turn, lifted the black curtain behind the cool image Kris Wu, making netizens shocked after shocked because of his depraved behavior.

In the latest development, the Chinese bloggers together compiled a list of more than 20 rumored lovers of Kris Wu (and is still being updated continuously). Many girls who share chat logs with male singers all have one thing in common – innocent beaty, including plastic surgery, from hot girls to former idols. A series of names that can be mentioned include Du Meidzu, Zhang Dansan (former idol group SNH48), Luna Quin, Xiao GNa, Xiao Di, Xiao Cung, Wei Vu Han, Xiao Chung , w1xx (account name), Lemon Brandy, Anastasia,… and many other names.

Revealing the list of Kris Wu's 20 lovers , the sex scandal even get on BBC
Revealing the list of Kris Wu's 20 lovers , the sex scandal even get on BBC
The beauty of the hot girl group who was entangled in Kris Wu’s love

In another development, international media also decided to step in and report on the incident. No one could have expected that Kris Wu would be “world famous” in an unexpected way. Major newspapers such as BBC, HYPEBEAST, WWD all gave headlines summarizing this shocking scandal, proving that the noise of the name Kris Wu has surpassed China’s territory and “reached” out to the world.

Source: Weibo

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