Former T-ara member Han Ah-reum rages and threatens to report the netizen who sent her malicious DM messages

Frustrated by malicious messages, Han Ah-reum, a former member of T-ara, announced to report them.

On June 25th, Han Ah-reum posted a photo on her Instagram along with the caption “I will quietly report them all. You have to know how worse it will be when you say such random things”.

han ah reum instagram

The released photo is a screenshot of Han Ah-reum’s Instagram message. One netizen sent a message full of swear words to Han Ah-reum, saying “Do not talk sh*t about your husband. You think all you say are true but the third parties said your husband is a super kind personㅋㅋ Your personality is a bit;; You got f**king mad in front of the kid then said you had PTSD?

The netizen added, “It’s like you’re cosplaying a victim… Looking at the way you talk, you are always the first to be sarcastic and grumpy. Your husband just can’t talk nicely with someone like you. Just look back on how you started the conversations…

han ah reum instagram

Han Ah-reum got angry and replied, “Reveal your real name. I’ll see you at the police station. You don’t even know me, how dare you swear at me. See you soon”, informing the netizen that she would report their malicious messages to the police.


Han Ah-reum recently expressed her displeasure with malicious comments on her Instagram. She expressed her frustration when exposing malicious comments and messages, drawing regret.

Meanwhile, Han Ah-reum is starring in TVing’s program “Between Marriage and Divorce”. She revealed her disagreement with her husband three years after their marriage. 


Source: nate

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