BTS will have their comeback stage on an American show?

According to BTS’s schedule on “Saturday Night Live”, K-Pop fans guess that they will perform their new song on the aforementioned show.

BTS has had a successful 2018 with shining success, sitting stably on the throne of “Kings of Album”, and the first K-Pop boygroup to ever achieved such impressive achievement.

In May last year, they have released “Love Yourself: Tear” album with the title track “Fake Love”. In August, they bombarded the charts once agin with the “Love Yourself: Answer” repackage album. The total album sales of BTS last year reached 4 million which is the current highest of the Korean entertainment industry. During the awards season last year, BTS harvested almost every Daesangs at mainstream and prestigious awards shows.Followed by the world your in America and Europe, BTS  shocked the world by their unbelievable fame of a K-Pop boygroup on an international scale.

Recently, Big Hit confirmed that BTS’s comeback will be in the upcoming April. Specifically, BTS will start a whole new series called “Map of the Soul: Persona”. The album will be released on April 12th. In the mean tim, Korean media revealed that BTS will perform as guests on the talkshow “Saturday Night Live” hosted by Emma Stone on April 13th, which is one day after the album’s release.


Through this detail, many fans are guessing that BTS will have their comeback stage on this famous talkshow in America and not the domestic weekly music shows. This is familiar to BTS’s comeback last year when the guys performed “Fake Love” for the first time at the Billboard Music Award 2018.

Netizens commented: “Unbelieveable, BTS will be a guest of the famous American talkshow”, “This is dope, not everyone can be invited to this show”, “Emma Stone? BTS is so famous now”, “This means they will return to the America? Awesome”,…

Source: kenh14

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