Red Velvet Wendy’s birthday, where is Irene among other members’ celebration?

Red Velvet members showed off their friendship by celebrating Wendy’s birthday.

Seulgi posted 2 photos taken with Wendy on her Instagram, saying, “Happy birthday, Seung-wan.” In the pictures, Wendy’s natural beauty and her wink while wearing a hair roll stood out.

Yeri also released some photos on her Instagram, writing, “Happy birthday to my dear unnie Wendy.” In the pictures, Yeri was looking at the camera while holding hands with Seulgi and Wendy.

Joy uploaded a photo taken with Wendy on her Instagram on Feb 20th along with the caption saying “Happy birthday to our beloved angel Wendy.”

On this day, Irene did not show her position, perhaps because she was conscious of public opinion. She stopped her SNS activities after the scandal in Oct 2020, but began posting again in Aug 2021. However, the female idol has not been active on SNS since Jan 1st.

Meanwhile, Red Velvet’s agency SM Entertainment announced that Red Velvet is scheduled to make a comeback in March.

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