The bitter “silent zone” from fans for Nancy (MOMOLAND): Another victim of boycott?

Is Nancy (Momoland) boycotted by fans due to weight gains?

At the recent fansign, MOMOLAND had a chance to interact closely with fans after officially returning to the Kpop race on March 20. The group also “entertained” the fans at the event with a very exciting “I’m So Hot” performance. This is the latest hit song of MOMOLAND so fans have been very supportive and enthusiastic.


However, netizens then noticed an unusual point in the attitude of fans to Nancy. In a recorded fancam, it was clear that whenever it was Nancy’s turn to be at the performance center, the fans immediately shut up, but then screamed and cheered non-stop for the other members of the group. It was this cold expression that raised a question among the netizens: is Nancy being “boycotted” by fans?

Most netizens think that the reason why fans are turning their backs on Nancy is that her body is growing so her beauty is no longer the same. Before, the foreign angel also became the subject of the attack of the netizens for many times because her body has become fuller than the members of the group. And during this time with “I’m So Hot”, there were also many opinions that it was because of the less perfect appearance that Nancy had lost the center position to JooE.

Although there are many arguments that Nancy gains weight easily due to her physical type in addition to being in the developmental age, it’s difficult for her to control weight. But it is clear that being an idol, it is difficult to admit that Nancy often appears with a distinct difference in physical standard from the rest of the group, especially when the Korean entertainment still holds a strict standard appearance of a female idol.

Sources: k14

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