Dispatch Suspected Manipulated Texts Provided By K+Called For Police’s Caution In Lee Sun-kyun’s Case

Actor Lee Sun-kyun was tested negative for drugs again

Following hair and leg hair, no drug was detected in the actor’s armpit hair. Korean media outlet Dispatch believes the police might be holding a forced investigation.

The Incheon National Police Agency began an internal investigation based on statements made by K, the head of the adult entertainment business in Gangnam. Lee Sun-kyun was put on the investigation line based on texts and recordings obtained from K’s phone.

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However, K is the person who threatened Lee for more than 300 million won. The text and recording she sent to Lee Sun-kyun is likely to be “set-up” (for intimidation), according to Dispatch. In other words, the police should have first determined the credibility of K’s statement before the internal investigation of Lee Sun-kyun.

A police official told Dispatch, “Although Lee’s voice came out from the recordings, it is difficult to conclude that there is no possibility of forgery,” adding, “We are additionally checking it.”

Moreover, some parts of the investigation process are being reported through the media. On the evening of Nov 24th, KBS reported, “We secured a statement that Lee Sun-kyun used drugs 5 times.” Both the investigation and reporting are based on K’s statements.

(Dispatch discovered some false or manipulated messages in K’s KakaoTalk. Investigations relying on messages and statements need to be even more cautious.)

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The Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency must first understand K’s intentions. The GD investigation was based on (customer) texts from K’s phone, (adult entertainment establishment) videos and statements. However, nothing was obtained from the hair and nail samples.

K is a repeat offender with a history of more than 5 drug-related crimes. Drug offenders often involve others (related to drugs) to reduce their sentences, accumulating “public achievements”.

The police need to be cautious about statements made for public use. Lawyer Bang Jeong-hyun stated, “Relying on the statements of drug offenders and recognizing public achievements based on them is a method to catch hidden drug offenders in silence.”

However, haphazard investigations are problematic. Lawyer Bang advised, “While referring to the statements of drug offenders, their credibility must be thoroughly verified. The motives behind the statements of drug suspects should also be doubted.”

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