Is there a serious discrimination among Wanna One’s members?

The famousness comparison among Wanna One's members raised a conflict between netizens again

Wanna One is getting more and more outstanding achievements as a newbie group. However, frankly speaking, except for some familiar faces such as Kang Daniel, Park Jihoon and Ong Seungwu, other members could not strongly express their personal attractiveness. This completely does not match their talents which were proved in 4 months of the survival show. So, what are the reasons?

Unequal singing division

wanna one, park jihoon, Energetic, Line Distribution

Every time Wanna One releases a new song, each member’s fans have to raise their voice to regain the fairness for their idols. If last time when releasing “Energetic”, Park Jihoon stood at the corner of the group and “sang like he didn’t at all”, this time with “Beautiful”, Yoon Jisung, the group leader, only had a 4-second singing part.

wanna one, yoon jisung, Energetic, Line Distribution
4 months ago, these trainees made the audience flirt with their perfect singing and dancing performances on the stage. But now, is it fair when some members are only allowed to sing for 4-5 second?

Screen time – some have a lot while some don’t

This is easily recognized through their newest MV. The fans quickly showed that Lee Daehwi only appeared for 3 second while Park Woojin and Bae Jinyoung appeared for 2 second. Though a movie MV has to divide main actors and sub actors, it is unacceptable for some members to appear so quickly in an 8-minute MV that watchers could not see their face clearly. Witnessing their idols who still worked hard at backstage for their screen time but did not have a nice appearance in their products made many fans upset and disappointed.
Unfairness even happened in their own variety show named “Wanna One GO”. Park Jihoon’s fans kept regaining their idol’s fairness when his screen time was too little, compared to others’.

Variety shows is only for Kang Daniel

Though Wanna One is “widely spread” in terms of media, in fact, more than half the group do not appear much on broadcast. Only Ong Seongwu, Park Jihoon and Hwang Minhyun take turn to participate in variety shows with Kang Daniel.
From Produce 101, we can see that many members have enough sense of humor, skills and intelligence to shine together with Daniel under the shade of Wanna One. It’s just that they haven’t got a chance that they deserve.

YMC did not listen to fan’s thoughts

The responsibility mostly belongs to their management company. It’s obviously acceptable to consider YMC as a real anti-fan of Wanna One. From the choreography, dividing members’ parts to the company employees, everything in their management procedure has pushed the group into unnecessary arguments. YMC could have listened to their fandom and had an improvement in dividing lyrics and screen time. However, in fact, the company let the group come back with the same mistakes as their previous promotions.
YMC did not care that, once the reputation from Produce 101 totally disappears, the remaining members can’t attract new fans for themselves. At the same time, their fandom, who already has many troubles internally, will continue to have more serious conflict.


Wanna One is different from other normal groups. The group was formed mostly by a huge number of fans of each member. Therefore, of course, no fan wants their idol to suffer unfairness in this short period of 18 months. Currently, each member’s fans are fighting hard to protect their idols from discrimination, not to achieve their own selfish purposes. It will take a while for YMC to make a change, but their fans still hope that, Wanna One will forever be “the national group”, not “the group of Kang Daniel and his friends”.

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