TWICE Dahyun shows boldness in cleaning fish for the first time in her life

The sixth business story of “City Sushi Restaurant” will be unveiled.

On the May 11th broadcast of Channel A’s “City Sushi Restaurant”, Lee Deok Hwa and Lee Tae Gon will go to Geoje to prepare for their sixth business and challenge long-tail opaleye fishing for the first time.


TWICE Dahyun will appear as a part-time assistant in the sashimi kitchen. Dahyun, who tries to clean fish for the first time in her life, is surprised by the lively fluttering fish, but she manages to clean it by herself. 

Dahyun smiles brightly at Lee Tae Gon, who is about to hit the head of the fish, and shows boldness by asking, “Can I try this?” Dahyun’s enthusiasm for cleaning fish with an excited expression makes the scene burst into laughter. 

The fish cleaning scene of Dahyun, who is always bright, will be revealed on the main broadcast at 10:30 PM on May 11th.

Source: Daum

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