What BTS’ V forgot to say yesterday has been posted on SNS as promised (prepare to be moved)

BTS’ V made ARMYs cry with his speech.

BTS became the winner of the Daesangs at ‘2018 AAA’ award ceremony held on the 28th. With the honor of being the winner, they delivered a grateful speech.

I think we got a lot of presents from the ARMYs in 2018,” V said, “We really want to repay you a lot with our performances, but I don’t think we can repay you as much as the gifts we received, so we will come back with better performances in 2019.”

This morning there was something I promised myself to say if I got an award, but I forgot it. I think I can remember this again tomorrow, so I’ll post it on SNS,” he added.

It wasn’t until the morning of the 29th, the day after that, V, along with his self-portrait on Twitter, has expressed his commitment to ARMYs.

We will grow well and give ARMYs, who have always been keeping an eye on how big we have grown as a tree, the delicious fruit,” V said, sending his love to fans.

In one interview in the past, V used to make a similar analogy. “It takes a long time for a tree to bear fruit. You should keep watering and watching from the side and give it your devotion. It’s the only it can become a big tree.”

 “I never thought so many fans would like us when we first debuted,” he said, “Each of those small minds gathered together and became a big tree called BTS, thanks to which we could show good music and performances. I feel like a real tree with golden fruits. We want to pick better fruits and give it to our fans. I want to show you how the tree has continuously grown.

Source: Dispatch

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