Proofs that the K-Pop world is more of a hellish place than you think

Behind the glorious spotlight of the K-Pop world are terrible truths that not every one knows of. These will make you realize that Kpop is more of a hell than what you think it is.

Idols abuse and assault from companies

That is the case of the young boyband called The EastLight. 6 members of the band were abused and assaulted by their agency without anyone knowing. The members said they were hit by baseball bat and metal microphone. There was even a member who was beaten until he lost a lot of blood and got bruises all over his body. Moreover, the producer gave death threats if any of the boy dared to tell anyone.

Idols being abused by managers

Newly debuted idols often say that they are abused by their own managers. BTS’ former manager was accused of using violence towards JungKook in 2015. Under the pressure from fans, Big Hit had to change BTS’ manager.

A video about how Jungkook was hit by their manager, making a lot of fans angry.
A video about how Jungkook was hit by their manager, making a lot of fans angry.

LOVELYZ Jin also said that when her group debuted, they had to go through very trict diet plans. With tight schedules and not enough food, LOVELYZ members were constantly tired and weak. There was one time where she could not keep up with the diet, Jin sneaked into the restroom to have a cake, but then her manager found out and threw the cake away without using harsh words at her.

The beginning is always a hard time.

SEVENTEEN members were also verbally abused by their manager when they just debuted. The manager used to make them do push-ups every time they made a mistake. In a lot forums, fans even talked about how the managers despised them and discriminated them due to appearance. There were even times when the managers hit them and talked bad about them behind their backs.

SEVENTEEN was forced to do push-ups.

Conned by the company

There is a girlgroup named I.B.I whose members were forced to do part-time jobs at a BBQ restaurant, as their company lied to them that if they didn’t work overtime, there would be no money for their debut. The girls said that when they were still trainees, after practicing, they would do unpaid jobs for the restaurant until midnight. Or the terrible case of Jang Ja Yeon which has shaken the Kpop fans community when she was forced to “serve” 31 rich and powerful men just to get a small role in “Boys over Flower”, also which has caused her to find death as a solution.

And Jang Ja Yeon with her unforgettable incident
And Jang Ja Yeon with her unforgettable incident

Becoming an idol and loved by every one is the dream of a lot of people. But not many know that the successful idols and actors we see today only make up 5% of the number of people who are trying to survive in the harsh industry, while the other 95% are constantly abused and exploited by their greedy and inhuman companies.

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