Park Min-young “Lee Yi-kyung’s nude dance is so weird”

Actress Park Min-young expressed admiration for her colleague Lee Yi-kyung's acting prowess

On Feb 15th, actress Park Min-young of tvN’s “Marry My Husband” met reporters at a café in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. As the press conference for the drama was conducted online, it was the first time in a while that Park Min-young met reporters.

park min young

During the meeting, Park Min-young did not spare compliments for her co-stars. She said, “Lee Yi-kyung has a unique sense of humor. His portrayal of the villain is outstanding. He has innate talent.” Regarding his nude dance scene, she smilingly shared, “I was already immersed in the character Ji-won. During the shoot, even though Yi-kyung wore pants, it was so weird. His gestures, body lines and gestures were weird. It seemed like Yi-kyung didn’t care anymore. I even asked him, ‘Why are you so good at this?’

park min young

Regarding rumors of Lee Yi-kyung’s retirement, she emphasized, “I told Yi-kyung, ‘What will you do if you only get roles like this from now on?’ If you want to play the villain, you have to do it like Yi-kyung.”

About Song Ha-yoon, she praised, “It’s shocking how she, with her pretty and lovely image, pulls off the villain role. It seems like she’s loved as a villain because of the dualistic aspect coming from her cute image.

Source: Naver

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