K-netizens React To The Big Difference Between NewJeans Members’ Merchandise Sales

Korean netizens are shocked at the difference between the sales of the most and least popular members in NewJeans.

On February 27, a post was made on the Korean online community theqoo with the title “NewJeans’ recent merchandise sales.

NewJeans’ recent merchandise sales

This post includes NewJeans’ Line Friends merchandise sales per member in Korea and abroad. According to the tables attached, Haerin is the best selling member, followed by Hanni, Minji, Daniel, Haein respectively.

min hee jin-newjeans thumbnail

Notably, there is a big gap between the sales of No.1 member and No.5 member, attracting netizens’ attention.

In the comment section, numerous Internet users have come to leave their opinions. Some of the comments are as follows:

”Except for Daniel and Hyein, it’s the same ranking as I thought it would be in first, second, and third places.”

“There’s a big difference between the first and the last…”

“I know the sales are on Naver so it can be shown, but it’s still a little weird to put the members’ sales together”

“Oh… I thought Daniel would be in the top ranks”

“There’s a big difference between one popular member and the other”

“Just as I expected”

After a few hours, the post has already gathered approximately 71,000 views.

Source: theqoo

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