Police Summon Yoo Ah In for Additional Drug Investigation, Focusing on Cocaine Usage

Yoo Ah In is under investigation for drug-related charges, and the police are planning to summon him again for additional questioning sometime this week. 

According to a police official who spoke at a press conference on April 3, “We believe that further investigation is necessary in Yoo Ah In’s case. In particular, an in-depth investigation is underway on whether he took cocaine.” 

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The official also mentioned that there have been concerns raised about the difficulty of prosecuting Yoo Ah In for cocaine usage, as the drug was only detected in his hair, and proving when and how he consumed it might be challenging. However, the police are determined to do their best to prove their case.

Yoo Ah In is suspected of using four types of drugs: propofol, marijuana, cocaine, and ketamine. Among them, cocaine has become a focus of the investigation due to the difficulty of proving its usage. 

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It is expected that the police will request an arrest warrant for Yoo Ah In soon, after a comprehensive review of the case. Meanwhile, the public is eagerly anticipating the outcome of the ongoing investigation.

On March 27, Yoo Ah In was questioned by the police for about twelve hours as a suspect. After the investigation, Yoo Ah In issued a public apology, saying, “I told the truth during the investigation. I deeply regret disappointing those who have loved and supported me. I’m sorry.” 

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The day after his interrogation, on March 28, Yoo Ah In released a statement on his social media, expressing his remorse for his actions and accepting full responsibility for his wrongdoing. He also vowed to cooperate fully with the authorities and accept any legal consequences that may follow.

In response to Yoo Ah In’s drug scandal, several productions that he was scheduled to appear in have been postponed or canceled. Netflix’s series “Goodbye Earth” has been temporarily suspended. The movie “The Match” has been delayed indefinitely. The movie “High Five” has also been postponed, and Yoo Ah In’s role in the movie will be edited out.

Source: Nate

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