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The reason Jang Hyuk didn’t get angry at Kim Jong Kook’s nonstop teases on “Running Man”

Jang Hyuk explained why he can’t get mad at his best friend Kim Kong Kook.

Actor Jang Hyuk made a guest appearance on the broadcast of SBS’s entertainment program “Running Man” on February 5th featuring action star Donnie Yen. Yang Se Chan was unfortunately absent from the recording of that episode. Therefore, Jang Hyuk appeared as a guest and his best friend Kim Jong Kook welcomed him. 

Running Man Kim Jong Kook

On the broadcast, Kim Jong Kook boasted about Jang Hyuk’s uncontrollable love for martial arts. In particular, the actor even won New Artist Award at the Chinese Martial Arts Festival.

Kim Jong Kook praised his friend, saying “Like Ma Dong Seok, he can perform one-shot action scenes. However, Jang Hyuk is the No.1 in actions that require special techniques”.

Running Man Jang Hyuk

After finishing the compliment, Kim Jong Kook turned to tease Jang Hyuk by impersonating his character in the drama “Chuno”. 

Yoo Jae Suk then wondered, “But why doesn’t Jang Hyuk get angry at Jong Kook?”. In response, Jang Hyuk said, “Actually, he let me park my car at his house”, drawing laughter.

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