Im Soo-hyang “I and Jennie are friends, my dogs participated in a photoshoot with BLACKPINK”

Actress Im Soo-hyang revealed that her dogs participated in a photoshoot with BLACKPINK

On the October 2nd broadcast of SBS PowerFM’s “Park Ha-sun’s Cinetown”, actresses Han Hye-jin and Im Soo-hyang, who star in the play “Our Little Sister”, were guests.

im soo hyang

Im Soo-hyang, who raises 3 dogs as pets, shared, “There’s something called Season’s Greetings Calendar, right? I know Jennie personally. I was invited to her Season’s Greetings Calendar photoshoot, so I brought my dogs, Aki and Ori, along. When I arrived, she asked us to let the dogs take photos together with BLACKPINK, and I agreed. It’s an honor to my family. I regret not bringing Rai (her other dog) with me.”

To the host’s words “I didn’t know you and Jennie are friends“, Im Soo-hyang mentioned that they had appeared on SBS’s “Village Survival, the Eight” together.

Source: Daum

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