JYP’s rookie girlgroup member causes ‘visual shock’ as she resembles Song Hye Kyo

Jinni of JYP’s rookie girl group, who has yet to make her debut, has garnered attention thanks to a snapshot in the dance studio that flaunts her attractiveness.

JYP shared a set of behind-the-scenes images for the new girl group’s first three members on August 9. Kyu Jin, Ji Woo, and Jinni are the three faces who appeared in the dance video that was published on August 6. With these behind-the-scenes images, netizens can get a closer look at the young rookies’ appearance. 

Despite the fact that the photos were taken in a dance studio, the JYP rookie girls immediately became the centre of attention due to their radiant beauty. Jinni, in particular, is the member who creates the largest impression on non-fans owing to her perfect angle and gorgeous facial features, similar to those of an actress.

Many comments praised Jinni‘s visuals with the expectation that she would be one of the top beauties of Kpop of the new generation. The angle, the bridge of the nose, and beautiful lines help Jinni reminiscent of the old Hong Kong beauties, some fans even commented that Jinni resembles beauty icons like Shu Qi, Song Hye Kyo, Nana (After School). In addition, netizens are also impressed with Kyu Jin‘s unique aura and Ji Woo‘s harmonious appearance between cute and cool. JYP once again proved the level of their girl group training when they always found top visuals, bright faces and celebrity qualities.

Some comments: “Jinni is breathless. Ji Woo is a mix of IU and Moon Ga Young”; “Jinni’s face has a sharp aura that is very different from the traditional beauty of Kpop idols”; “I see Jinni with a hint of Nana, but much sharper”; “Jinni is only 17 years old, but she’s already this pretty”; “Jinni’s beauty is like a combination of Nana and Song Hye Kyo”; “Jinni’s aura is reminiscent of Shu Qi”; “Jinni’s future is going to be explosive. Looking forward to it”…

According to industry information, JYP‘s new girl group will debut in February 2022. The full lineup of members and the name of the group have not been revealed yet.

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