2PM Hwang Chan-sung is getting ready for his wedding: “I’m only worried about my girlfriend who’s pregnant in her 40s”

After 2PM member Chan-sung announced his marriage, it was revealed that the bride-to-be was eight years older than the idol.    


SportTV News reported on Jan 25th that Chan-sung (33) is preparing to marry his girlfriend who is 8 years older than him.

Chan-sung planned to hold a wedding earlier this year, but he is reportedly carefully choosing a wedding date due to the aftermath of the pandemic.

According to reports, Chan-sung‘s bride-to-be is eight years older than him and is a non-celebrity.


The two, who have an eight-year age gap, naturally decided to get married after dating for more than five years.

While planning for their wedding, the couple confirmed the pregnancy of the bride-to-be.

Considering the age of the bride-to-be who is in her 40s, it is rumored that she was worried that she was pregnant at a rather late age.

After confirming his girlfriend’s pregnancy, Chan-sung decided to cautiously inform fans of the marriage and pregnancy through his SNS.


It is reported that the two are mostly focusing on their health while preparing for the birth of their first child.

Meanwhile, in December last year, Chan-sung announced his surprise wedding news in a handwritten letter through his Instagram.

He expressed his affection for the bride-to-be, introducing her as “a haven for my unstable mind for a long time, a friend and a lover who I can talk about anything with.”

Chan-sung, whose exclusive contract with JYP Entertainment has expired, is currently preparing for a new leap forward in his life.

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