Jung Jae-hyung “The sales Lee Hyori brought in this year is similar to the sales we’ve had in the past 20 years”

Jung Jae-hyung revealed that his agency Antenna’s revenue significantly increased after Lee Hyori joined

On Dec 10th, a video featuring Antenna’s musician Lucid Fall, Peppertones’ Shin Jae-pyung & Lee Jang-won and Lee Sang-soon was uploaded on the YouTube channel “Fairy Jae-hyung”.

Jung Jae-hyung expressed, “We planned this year-end gathering to congratulate each other, saying thank you for your hard work this year. It’s also a welcome party for Sang-soon.”


Lee Sang-soon, who signed an exclusive contract with Antenna in November last year, laughingly said, “It’s been a year since I signed the contract. Are you welcoming me now?

Jung Jae-hyung then brought up the story of Lee Hyori joining Antenna in February and revealed, “Honestly, the sales she brought in this year is similar to the sales we’ve had in the past 20 years, right?” Lee Jang-won nodded in agreement, “I admit it. Yes, it’s possible.”

Lee Sang-soon caused laughter by saying, “The number of casting calls Hyori received this year is probably more than all the other Antenna musicians combined.”

On the other hand, Lee Hyori, who declared a halt to commercial endorsements in 2012, announced in July that she would resume commercial activities after 11 years. She is actively working as a model for various brands.

Source: Nate

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