Han Jimin’s Fun-filled Amusement Park Hangout with Her Nephews

Han Jimin was having a great time at the amusement park

On September 19th, Han Jimin shared several photos on her Instagram with a short caption, “Vacation.” In the photos, Han Jimin wanders around the amusement park with her nephews.

han ji min

Han Jimin wore a white sweatshirt adorned with colorful alphabet and globe prints and a blue hat. She also wore a trendy white backpack, adding a hip touch to her look. Han Jimin completed her perfect amusement park look with comfortable jeans and canvas shoes.

Han Jimin struck poses in front of character sculptures at the amusement park. She mimicked the confident pose of a turtle character or turned around with a playful smile.

han ji min

Han Jimin also took a photo holding a fish plush toy above her head with a bright smile on her face. In another photo, she playfully placed a turtle plush toy on her head and held an octopus plush toy in one hand.

Despite the sunglasses, Han Jimin’s radiant beauty couldn’t be hidden. She was also captured talking to her nephews while looking at the fish in the aquarium, warming fans’ hearts.

Meanwhile, Han Jimin is currently appearing in the JTBC drama ‘Behind Your Touch’ as Bong Yebun, a veterinarian with psychometry abilities with the ability to see the past of animals and humans.

Source: Nate

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