“Carter” ranks second in Netflix’s global film category… No.1 in 17 countries including Japan and Hong Kong

Netflix’s new movie “Carter” (directed by Jung Byung-gil) is gaining popularity overseas.

According to the OTT content ranking site “Flix Patrol”, “Carter” ranked second in Netflix’s global film category on August 9th.

The first place is the American movie “Purple Hearts” (directed by Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum). The third place is “Wedding Season” (directed by Tom Dey). “The Gray Man” (directed by Anthony Russo and Joe Russo) took fourth place.


As soon as “Carter” was released on August 5th, it started at No.3 in the world rankings. It beat “The Gray Man” and climbed up one step on August 8th. Currently, it is firmly maintaining its No.2 position.

“Carter” captivated viewers around the world with its nonstop action scenes. “Carter” topped the charts in 17 countries, including Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, Morocco and Malaysia.


It ranked second in 40 countries. It also achieved high rankings in Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Colombia, France, Germany, Finland, New Zealand and Spain.

“Carter” is a real-time action movie. Carter (played by Joo Won) is thrown into the middle of a mysterious mission. He is in a situation where he has to recover himself and succeed in the mission within the given time.


Joo Won’s action performance shone. He filled the running time with unsparing action scenes related to motorcycles, vans, trucks and helicopters.

Source: dispatch

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