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Oh Hyun Kyung shared stories about her past rival on Miss Korea, Go Hyun Jung

Oh Hyun Kyung mentioned actress Go Hyun Jung, who was once her rival in the beauty pageant Miss Korea.

Actress Oh Hyun Kyung appeared in KBS 2TV’s entertainment program “Living Together 3,” which aired in the afternoon of Nov 15th. The former Miss Korea contestant had a meal and shared her stories with Park Won Sook, Hye Eun, Ahn So Young, and Ahn Moon Sook on the broadcast.

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Oh said, “I don’t eat rice (carbohydrate) very much. I eat side dishes but eat very little rice,” raising curiosity around her. When Ahn Moon Sook said, “All the slim kids are slim for a reason,” Oh Hyun Kyung shared, “Now I gain weight as I get older, but I feel burdened because people keep talking about my days on Miss Korea. I can’t even wear sleeveless clothes in the summer. People would complain, saying, ‘Oh Hyun Kyung’s arms are so thick now,’ and ‘She’s old’.

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In 1989, at the age of 20, she participated in the Miss Korea beauty pageant. Oh said, “I was an advertising model when I was in high school. When I became a college student, the head of a makeup shop I know recommended, ‘Hyun Kyung, you feel different from when you were in high school. I think you can try going for ‘Miss Korea’.

At that time, I wanted to help my sister study art. When I asked how much the prize money of Miss Korea tournament was, thay said it was 15 million won. So I participated with the thought of ‘shutting my eyes and wearing a swimsuit once,'” she revealed.

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In the year Oh Hyun Kyung participated in the pageant, Go Hyun Jung, who is also a currently active actress, participated as well. Oh Hyun Kyung said, “My rival at that time was the famous Go Hyun Jung,” adding, “Even then, she was gorgeous. Hyun Jung was already rumored to be unrivaledly pretty (among the Miss Korea candidates).

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Oh boasted, “That year’s Miss Korea competition had the highest ratings in history.” Oh Hyun Kyung then confessed, “I thought I would be in the top eight only. When I was named one of the three contestants running for the final winning title, I thought I would be happy with whatever title I receive,” she said, adding, “After I was named the final winner, I gave all the prize money to my parents. I was able to get my sister to study art with that money. I bought a house with the money I earned as a model.

Oh Hyun Kyung was named Miss Korea at the 33rd Miss Korea held in 1989 while Ko Hyun Jung was the 1st Runner-up.

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Oh Hyun Kyung, who entered the entertainment industry as an actress after the competition, showed her acting skills by appearing in numerous works such as “First Wives’ Club,” “High Kick Through the Roof,” “The Great Seer,” “Wang’s Family,” “The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop,” and “Young Lady and Gentleman.” She also appeared in the recently ended JTBC drama “The Empire.”

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