NewJeans’ Danielle Creates Buzz with Adorable Proposal to a Fangirl

Danielle from NewJeans is gaining attention for her sweet exchange with a fangirl

Since her debut, Danielle has captivated the public with her lovely appearance and exceptional vocals. Beyond her beauty and talent, Danielle’s personality also shines. 


A recent video from a fansign event has caught the spotlight, where the original poster (OP) noted that in Australia, where Danielle grew up, two women can legally marry. Hearing this, Danielle’s response was filled with enthusiasm.

Seizing the opportunity, the fan playfully asked, “So, what about us?” Without hesitation, Danielle responded with a marriage proposal, saying, “Let’s get married! Let’s make it official.”

To add a romantic touch, Danielle even picked Christina Perri’s classic hit “A Thousand Years” as the ideal wedding song. The fan expressed their love for the song, eliciting a bright smile from Danielle.

The video of this adorable interaction has gone viral, with netizens praising Danielle’s wholesome and positive response to the fan’s question. 

Source: koreaboo

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