Korean netizens recall the peak of BLACKPINK Jennie’s visuals and discuss her recent change in image

Jennie’s recent bold and sexy image has caused Korean netizens to have mixed reactions. 

Out of all 3rd generation idols, a female idol who is often the center of discussion on online communities is definitely BLACKPINK’s Jennie. Everything she does is always scrutinized by netizens and thereby sparks controversy. Recently, a topic about Jennie received much attention on Pann Nate. A question was raised by Korean netizens: “What is Jennie doing these days?”.

blackpink jennie

Recently, Jennie’s image during her trip to the States has faced mixed reactions on Korea’s online community. According to some Korean netizens, Jennie seems to be showing a noticeable difference from the image of her that the public is used to. They claim that Jennie’s visuals have been “Americanized” and she no longer exudes the same classy and unique aura during the peak of her visuals. 

blackpink jennie
Jennie’s look in the US sparks controversy among Korean netizens
blackpink jennie
Many claim that Jennie has lost her signature charm by pursuing this American style

Some netizens even blame Jennie’s rumored boyfriend G-Dragon, because they believe that since Jennie started dating the leader of BIGBANG, she seems to be influenced by her boyfriend’s “odd” aesthetic. Back in 2017-2018, Jennie was famous for her luxurious image, but the current Jennie looks more “rebellious” and daring.

Meanwhile, Jennie’s fans disagree with netizens’ comments and think that she looks beautiful and attractive regardless of her style. The female idol can experiment any image she likes, without sticking to a fixed image. Jennie having fun and looking comfortable in the US shows that she is enjoying herself and doesn’t care about netizens’ opinions.

blackpink jennie
Some comments recall the time when Jennie’s visuals were at her peak 
blackpink jennie
In Playing With Fire MV
blackpink jennie
Some Korean netizens are not used to her recent sexy image
blackpink jennie g dragon
Even put the blame on G-Dragon?

Some comments

  • The old image of Jennie is gone. She has changed.
  • I loved her lively and chic image in “Playing With Fire”, but almost a year now Jennie looks like she has turned into a different person, sometimes odd. Is she being influenced by G-Dragon?
  • I think that since she is in America, Jennie can be more free. But her current image is like a mess.
  • Those who were fans of Jennie’s classy and delicate image years ago might be shocked to see her bold, free-spirited look now. I still like Jennie but I have to say she was more charming before.
  • Jennie is the type to constantly get sweared at no matter what she does.
  • Jennie is over 20 years old now.  Let her do whatever she likes.
blackpink jennie
The chic and pretty image that was once Jennie’s brand 

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