T-ara’s Areum Refutes Rumors Surrounding New Boyfriend, “Second Jeon Cheong-jo? It’s Not True”

Former T-ara member Areum turned down suspicions that her new lover is the “Second Jeon Cheong-jo”

On December 13th, Areum posted on her SNS, saying “I think many people have read these articles”. She added an article titled “The Second Jeon Cheong-jo incident has occurred”.

She said, “I have nothing more to say. I’m looking for the person who wrote this and spread false information. I’m going to strictly punish people who make other articles and post malicious comments on YouTube”, adding “He’s a warm person who is nicer than anyone else. He has done more for me than anyone can imagine. He’s the person who cared for me and can even sacrifice himself for me. The suspicions are groundless. I know this person very well so I’m not concerned at all.”

T-ara Areum

She continued, “I will not care about those who continue to say hurtful things about the person I love. I can observe everything silently but I won’t engage in those posts”, adding “I will take legal action if necessary. I wonder why you need to live like that. Please focus on your life. Whether it’s true or not, the past doesn’t matter, but don’t get fooled by misleading information.”

Meanwhile, a post titled “Second Jeon Cheong-jo will remarry a singer from a girl group” spread in online communities. The post revealed the criminal record, including fraud and sexual crimes, of a singer’s remarriage partner. Some people commented in the post guessing that the mentioned singer is Areum, who recently announced both divorce and remarriage.

Source: Daum

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