Ex-T-ara Areum “Remarriage partner is unrelated to ‘Believer 2’, please refrain from speculations and malicious comments”

Former T-ara member Areum corrected misinformation about her remarriage partner “A”, urging people to refrain from malicious comments

Earlier, Areum revealed through her SNS account on Dec 10th that she is currently in the process of divorce and has a lover she plans to remarry. She posted several pictures with A, the person mentioned as her remarriage partner, and tagged his SNS account.

Following the publication of this post, there was speculation that A might have participated in Netflix’s movie “Believer 2”, based on the fact that A’s SNS account had the profile labeled as “scriptwriter”, “writer” and A shared a photo of the “Believer 2” scenario on his SNS account, stating, “Second feature film ‘Believer 2’.


Subsequently, A began to be introduced in various articles as a “scriptwriter participating in ‘Believer 2′”. However, on Dec 12th, Areum clarified through a phone interview with Edaily “It seems there’s a misunderstanding. A is unrelated to ‘Believer 2’” and expressed the hope that speculative articles and reports would be refrained from.

Areum stated, “It’s a personal matter. Because I don’t like exposing too much, I’m reluctant to provide detailed information about A. I’m saying this to prevent any further misunderstanding. It’s true that A has been a writer participating in various works. He also operates a cafe under his own name. However, due to the current situation, I can’t provide more specific details. I ask for your understanding.”

han ah reum

After confessing her ongoing divorce through an SNS post, Areum has been dealing with hate comments for several days. She appealed, “Please refrain from writing speculative posts and crossing the line with comments without knowing the full context. I’ve recorded the names (IDs) of those who left hate comments on SNS and portal sites for legal action.”

Earlier, Areum shared a lengthy statement on her SNS account on the same day, revealing that she is proceeding with criminal charges against “excessive articles and comments” and urged people to avoid speculations, rumors, insults and hate comments. She included a censored screenshot of the comments as proof.

Towards the end of the interview with the reporter, Areum said, “I want to express my gratitude once again to those who support me. From now on, I’ll try to live life to the fullest.”

Source: Nate

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