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SHINee Minho “Regret 2 days after enlisting in the Marine Corps → Strong desire to win against UDT”

SHINee Minho revealed an anecdote about the Marine Corps.

MBC’s “Radio Star”, which aired on Nov 9th, was decorated as the special episode “On Air Mate” featuring Lee Seok-hoon, Tei, SHINee Key and Minho.

When asked “How did you decide to join the Marine Corps?“, Minho replied, “I filmed a war movie before enlistment. Since it’s a war movie, I went into the winter sea and filmed it in the rain. My mentality got stronger and I had a military spirit. I applied because I thought it would be easier than this.

Radio Star Key Minho
Radio Star Key Minho
Radio Star Key Minho

He then made everyone laugh by saying, “I regretted it on the second day.” He added, “I enlisted without being able to sleep. They didn’t let me sleep until the second day. I stayed up all night.

Minho also recalled his experience of 3km long-distance running, “UDT members came to the Marine Corps and received airlift training.

He confessed, “UDT friends ran so well. At one point, I was the only one in the Marine Corps running among UDT members. In the end, I finished 4th. The UDT members who finished behind me were scolded.”

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