Son Ye Jin’s romantic love roll on bed with a young man after calling Huyn Bin her first love

Would Hyun Bin be jealous when watching this scene of Son Ye Jin?

Son Ye Jin recently caused another stir on social networks when she revealed that her current love, Huyn Bin, is also her first one. At the same time with the release of this information, the new trailer of Son Ye Jin’s drama, Thirty Nine, was released and her intimate scene with Yeon Woo Jin was immediately under the spotlight.

In the trailer, Cha Mi Jo (Son Ye Jin) and Kim Sun Woo (Yeon Woo Jin) go home after a date. The crew has teased the scene where they almost kissed and the extremely misty intimate bed scene of the two. The reason the audience can say with certainty that this is a love making scene is because in the next scene, the 39-year-old group is extremely excited as her friend Mi Jo “did it”. During the date, Mi Jo also actively asked Sun Woo, “You want to sleep with me, do you?”.

Son Ye Jin Yeon Woo Jin
Son Ye Jin Yeon Woo Jin
Son Ye Jin Yeon Woo Jin
Son Ye Jin Yeon Woo Jin
The crew teased the hot and fuzzy scene
Son Ye Jin Yeon Woo Jin
Friends are excited when Mi Jo has “done it”

Originally a hot scene queen of the Korean screen who is very good at acting in love making scenes, Son Ye Jin will certainly not disappoint the audience with this comeback. So after many dramas, Crash Landing On You is still a rare one without a bed scene. Is Hyun Bin okay?

Son Ye Jin Yeon Woo Jin

In Thirty Nine, Son Ye Jin will play the role of a talented, rich, and beautiful dermatologist who accidentally meets the overseas Korean doctor Kim Sun Woo (Yeon Woo Jin), a 39-year-old dermatologist, who had just returned to Korea after living in the United States for a long time. He is a forward-thinking person with a warm heart and while working at the new hospital, he becomes more and more attracted to dermatologist Cha Mi Jo.

Son Ye Jin Yeon Woo Jin
The scene of a 39-year-old female doctor who daringly invites a handsome man to her house

Thirty Nine officially airs from February 16th on JTBC channel.

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