Actor Cha Ju-young’s Provocative Exposure in ‘The Glory’ Part 2 Sparks CG Rumors

CG speculations arise after Cha Ju-young's chest is exposed in a scene from the Netflix Series "The Glory"

Actor Cha Ju-young showed off a provocative exposure in “The Glory” Part 2. There were even claims that it might be CG-related due to the explicit exposure of her chest.

The scene in question appeared in the Netflix original series “The Glory” Part 2, which was released on the 10th of this month.

In the drama, Cha Ju-young played the role of Choi Hye-jung, a stewardess who dreams of social climbing through a relationship with a wealthy man. She is also a person who admires Jeon Jae-joon (Park Sung-hoon), who is the real father of Park Yeon-jin’ (Im Ji-yeon)’s daughter – Ha Ye-sol (Oh Ji-yul).

choi hye jong

The exposure scene came during the process when Choi Hye-jung was in a fierce fight with Park Yeon-jin. Choi Hye-jung took off her shirt in response to Park Yeon-jin’s provocation, and at that moment her entire chest was clearly exposed.

After the scene was released, it sparked a huge controversy among online communities. Some users of the community site ‘Theqoo’ responded with comments like “Was it necessary to show everything?”, “I was worried that the actor might have been uncomfortable”, “Sudden??” and “Is it really okay to show such a scene?”.

the glory

There were also claims that the scene might have been computer-generated (CG), with some users suggesting that “Is that really the actor’s body? Is it not makeup?” and “It looks like CG, but I’m glad it’s not”.

One netizen even claimed that “In the drama, it is stated that Hye-jung had breast surgery, but the actual actor, Cha Ju-young, did not undergo surgery, so the scene was expressed with a CG using a stand-in.” They provided a specific claim with evidence by attaching a photo of the ending credits of ‘The Glory’, which had the words ‘Hye-jung Stand-in’ written on it.

Meanwhile, “The Glory” tells the story of a woman who was broken both physically and mentally due to childhood violence, and the intricate revenge and turmoil that ensue.

Cha Joo Young the glory

Part 2 was released on Netflix worldwide on the 10th of this month. After its release, reviews such as “I stayed up all night watching it” and “I watched it all night without taking a break” poured in, proving its popularity.

Source: Wikitree

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