aespa’s Karina Faces Wardrobe Woes: Stylist Forgets Sewing Needle on Outfit Creates Stir

SM Stylist Team Sparks Controversy with Unprofessionalism in Costume Preparation for aespa

Recently, the idol group aespa captured the attention of a large audience when they performed on the stage of Inkigayo. Impressively delivering catchy melodies in their new release, the members also stirred up SNS with their unconventional outfits, featuring a mix of leather and denim materials.


While praised for their performance, the styling team faced criticism from netizens for their lack of professionalism in dressing Karina. Specifically, while on stage, Karina noticed that a sewing needle was protruding from her glove accidentally.

After the incident, Karina quickly removed it and continued to interact cheerfully with everyone on set.

It is worth noting that this is not the first time the 2000-born idol has encountered such a situation. Many opinions suggest that she is unfairly treated by the styling team.


Previously, at the MBC Gayo Daejejeon in 2022, the heels of the singer’s boots unexpectedly came off while performing. Not only that, keen-eyed netizens noticed a distinct difference between the two shoes.

At the recent Outside Lands festival in San Francisco, Karina faced another wardrobe malfunction. During the concert, the stylist prepared a pastel pink outfit for her with a long trailing ribbon. However, the highlight of the outfit turned out to be the cause of her stumbling several times while dancing.


Netizens are expressing their displeasure with the current issues that aespa is facing. Despite the fandom repeatedly using hashtags and even sending reports about the unprofessionalism of the styling team, the artist’s management company has yet to address the issue.

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