“Sixth Sense 3” Oh Na-ra was shocked to see Jessi’s revealing jeans, “Are you really wearing clothes?”

Oh Na-ra was surprised to see Jessi’s outfit in the recent episode of “Sixth Sense 3”.

Actor Park Jin-joo and Oh My Girl’s Arin appeared as guests on tvN’s entertainment program “Sixth Sense 3”, which aired on June 17th.

Lee Mi-joo drew laughter from the beginning of the broadcast as she said, “Don’t have anticipation for me today. I’m not going to brush my teeth nor fix my makeup today”. Oh Na-ra suddenly pointed to Jessi, who was wearing a shocking pair of jeans with extremely big holes in the front, saying “Jessi ah, are you really wearing clothes?”. Yoo Jae-seok also teased Jessi, saying “She went outside in the summer and got bitten on her thighs”.

Jessi immediately admitted, “That’s right”. Oh Na-ra then said, “Today is our last day. You worked hard everyone”, expressing her regret over the last recording of “Sixth Sense Season 3”.

Meanwhile, “Sixth Sense 3” is a variety show that creates unpredictable sixth sense delusions and makes five cast members find fake things, which are hidden in the real things and look more real than the real ones.

Source: nate

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