Despite being the main vocal of (G)I-DLE, Miyeon receives next to no singing lines?

Fans of (G)I-DLE Miyeon are speaking up about the unfair line distribution that the female idol suffers from. 

Both talented and beautiful, yet Miyeon of girl group (G)I-DLE is not receiving proper treatment, according to fans. In particular, many fans of Miyeon are complaining about her receiving little singing lines despite being the group’s main vocal.

Miyeon doesn’t get to sing much in (G)I-DLE songs despite being a major vocalist

(G)I-DLE recently attained a lot of achievements with their mini-album “I Love” and the title song “Nxde”. However, the “unfair” line distribution of the album is facing a lot of criticisms. Many fans pointed out that while Soyeon got to sing 34.8% of the title song, Miyeon, the main vocal, sang only 13% of it, and is the member with the shortest singing time. 

In addition, Miyeon also suffers from the same fate in b-side tracks of “I Love”. In “Love” and “Dark (X-File), she sang the least, despite having powerful vocal abilities having a tone that fit the concept of the album. 

gi-dle nxde line distributiom
Miyeon received the least lines in (G)I-DLE’s title song “Nxde”
gi-dle line distributiom
Out of 6 songs in the mini-album “I Love”, Miyeon got the least lines for 3 tracks. 
In the rest of the album, Miyeon’s singing time is also extremely low. 

According to fans of Miyeon, the unfair line distribution has been a persistent issue since a long time ago, seeing that Miyeon sang the least or second least in many previous title tracks, including “LATATA”, “HANN”, “Senorita”, “Uh-Oh”, “Lion”, “Oh My God”, and “TOMBOY”.

gi-dle dumdi dumdi - tomboyline distributiom
Miyeon doesn’t get to sing much in (G)I-DLE titles despite being a major vocalist 
gi-dle line distributiom
Miyeon always gets the least or second least lines
gi-dle lion oh my god line distributiom
Now, fans of the female idols are speaking up about (G)I-DLE’s unfair line distribution

Regarding the issue, Miyeon’s fanbar in China has issued a statement to “protect” the female idol’s rights. In particular, they said, “As the main vocal of (G)I-DLE, Miyeon has always pulled off every song, every stage, and every live singing with excellence, only to receive constant unfair line distributions, little appearance on music shows, and a treatment unfair of her ‘main vocal’ title.”

The fanbar also demanded CUBE Entertainment to consider and respect the opinions of fans, and to take action against the “unfair treatment”. At the same time, they asked for the agency to plan more carefully when it comes to developing Miyeon’s career. 

Miyeon’s fanbar in China has spoken up and demand rights for the female idol
(G)I-DLE miyeon
They are afraid that Miyeon is not receiving a rightful treatment deserving of her main vocal position

Hearing about the case, audiences speculate that (G)I-DLE unbalanced line distribution may have to do with the group’s over-dependance on Soyeon. According to them, Soyeon is the main producer and is greatly involved in the concept of the group, leading to her receiving more lines and more control over each comeback. In addition, some also suspect that CUBE Entertainment are trying to “pushShuhua after Soojin’s departure from (G)I-DLE.

gi-dle soyeon
Netizens cited (G)I-DLE’s “over-dependance” on Soyeon as a reason for the unfair line distribution.
Many people believe that Soyeon has full control of the line distribution…
gi-dle-shuhua blonde hair
…and that Shuhua is being “pushed” instead of Miyeon

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