Seungri to Open Nightclub in Hong Kong? Government Releases Official Statement

The government of Hong Kong releases an official statement amid rumors of Seungri opening a nightclub there after “Burning Sun”.

Recently, the “Burning Sun” scandal became a heated topic due to a new documentary released by BBC. As a main perpetrator being “Burning Sun”, former BIGBANG member Seungri also gained attention, and reports about the ex-idol relocation to Hong Kong and opening a nightclub there also emerged. 

Some articles even suggested that Seungri has taken advantage of Hong Kong’s visa policy – which allows people with certain skills and talents to settle down there. 


However, the Hong Kong Government has since released an official statement refuting aforementioned claims. 

Below is the English version of the full statement: 

“ HKSAR Government clarifies media reports on visit to Hong Kong of former Korean artiste

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​In relation to media reports about a former Korean artiste who planned to move to Hong Kong and the talent admission schemes of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Government were mentioned, a spokesman for the HKSAR Government clarified today (May 23) that the HKSAR Government has not received any visa application by the said person for any talent admission schemes. The relevant government departments will, in accordance with the established mechanism, play a robust gatekeeping role when processing applications of talent admission schemes to ensure only applications of eligible persons will be approved.

Currently, nationals of Korea (Republic of) can enjoy a visa free period in Hong Kong for a visit not exceeding 90 days.”

It seems that Seungri will not be able to relocate using the special visa policy. However, it remains unclear whether he will open a nightclub in Hong Kong or relocate using other means.

Source: HKSAR, Nate

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