Park Seo-joon’s side responds to dating rumors with an American 10 years younger than him “Difficult to confirm anything regarding private life”

Park Seo-joon's agency responded to the dating rumors involving him and model-actress Lauren Tsai, who is 10 years younger than him

On May 23rd, Park Seo-joon‘s agency Awesome ENT told TV Report, “Recently, Park Seo-joon has been fulfilling overseas schedules to attend brand events.

The agency added, “We understand that various artists and officials from different fields were invited to these events. We ask for your understanding as it is difficult to confirm anything regarding his private life beyond official schedules.”

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According to foreign media outlet ET Today, there were suspicions that Park Seo-joon and Lauren Tsai traveled to Japan together. Additionally, it drew attention when photos taken by the two at the same location were posted on SNS.

Last year, Park Seo-joon was also rumored to be dating YouTuber-singer xooos. At that time, both parties’ agencies stated, “We cannot confirm anything about their private lives.”

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Later, at the press conference for the movie “Concrete Utopia”, Park Seo-joon indirectly addressed the rumors, “I feel quite burdened about opening up my private life. Since it’s a personal matter, it’s difficult for me to say anything specific.”

Lauren Tsai, born in 1998, is active in the US as an illustrator, model and actress, and she has 1.03 million followers on SNS.

Park Seo-joon made his Hollywood debut with the Marvel Universe movie “The Marvels”, which was released last November. The second season of Netflix’s series “Gyeongseong Creature” starring him is set to be released in the latter half of this year.

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