New girl group that was ambitiously prepared by Brave Brothers finally takes off veil

Brave Entertainment (hereinafter Brave)'s rookie girl group Candy Shop released a full-group performance video

At noon on Feb 12th, Brave unveiled the video titled “Candy Shop – Dance Performance #1” through Candy Shop‘s official YouTube channel and SNS.

The video showcases Candy Shop’s performance set to energetic music. The members, dressed in comfortable training attire, exude hip charm while demonstrating explosive energy and confidence, proving themselves as “5th generation hopefuls”.

Prior to this, Candy Shop opened their official SNS and began their debut promotions in earnest. The kitschy yet lively mood of the logo motion graphics raised anticipation for Candy Shop’s diverse concepts and music to come.

Candy Shop

Candy Shop is a compound word of “CAtch N Draw Youth” and “Shop”, symbolizing a space connecting members and listeners. With members possessing various charms like thousands of candies, they aim to become “MZ icons” by presenting music representing the current generation.

Candy Shop marks Brave’s first 4-member rookie girl group debut in about 13 years since Brave Girls. They aim to debut in the first half of this year and will gradually reveal the members through various content releases.

Source: Wikitree

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