Where did Woo Young Woo go? Park Eun Bin returns as an innocent goddess with long straight hair 

Actress Park Eun Bin of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” revealed her recent situation.

On September 1st, Park Eun Bin posted on Instagram several photos from a pictorial she shot with a perfume brand.

In the published photos, Park Eun Bin can be seen standing in a white and flowy dress amid a grassy field. Instead of her iconic short hair in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, Park Eun Bin boasted long, straight hair, giving off an innocent vibe.

park eun bin thumbnail

Seeing this, netizens show enthusiastic reactions, leaving comments like, “Park Eun Bin’s beauty is out of this world”, “I can smell the elegant perfume from this photo”, and “Long straight hair is perfect for Park Eun Bin”.

Park Eun Bin recently garnered a lot of attention via “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, where she played the female lead Woo Young Woo – a lawyer with autism spectrum.

Source: nate

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