New aespa Content Sparks Criticism After Karina’s Relationship Announcement 

A controversy has erupted following the public announcement of aespa Karina's relationship with Lee Jae Wook

On February 28th, a video titled “The first movie. ‘aespa: My First Page’ stage greeting behind the scenes” was released on aespa’s official channel.

This video was aespa’s first content released after Karina admitted her relationship with actor Lee Jae Wook on February 27th. It showed aespa members interacting with fans who came to see their first movie.

However, some fans expressed discomfort with the timing of releasing this video shortly after Karina’s relationship news broke. They criticized the lack of consideration for fans and expressed disappointment with Karina acknowledging her relationship.

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Some fans expressed disappointment through comments such as, ‘aespa isn’t even a 7-year-old girl group, it’s been just over 3 years… Moreover, they are about to release their first full album. Is being caught dating right now appropriate?'” “They struggled to succeed in the fierce idol industry and reached their current position. They should have been more careful.” “It’s careless for a leader who has been debuting for over 3 years to act this way.” There are also criticisms that Karina has recently been negligent in communicating with fans.

On the other hand, there were also reactions like, “Karina didn’t commit a crime, is it necessary to say this much?” “It’s not like she’s been dating for years. It was forced to be disclosed.” “It’s understandable to be angry, but let’s not cross the line.” “By openly admitting her relationship, it seems like Karina is being ignored for her hard work up to now.”

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Karina made headlines on February 27th by admitting her relationship with Lee Jae Wook. The two became a couple after meeting at Milan Fashion Week in January. There are rumors that they fell in love at first sight during the fashion show. Their companies have also confirmed their relationship, saying that “the two are getting to know each other.”

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