Park Yoo-chun Has To Pay Back 500 Million Won To His Agency For Illegally Doing Entertainment Activities

On December 24, Park Yoo-chun’s agency, Have Fun Together said in an official statement, “Have Fun Together Co., Ltd., which has the authority to the management of Park Yoo-chun’s entertainment activities, received a court’s decision to cite Park’s unilateral violation of his exclusive contract and ban him from broadcasting and entertainment activities. Nevertheless, Park Yoo-chun has continued his entertainment activities in other countries, including Japan and Thailand, ignoring the court’s decision.

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The company explained, “We filed a lawsuit seeking 500 million won in compensation, which is a part of the total damage,” adding, “While the lawsuit continues, Park Yoo-chun has continued to engage in entertainment activities, and his helpers have created overseas subsidiaries to avoid forced execution. Now, we will proceed with compulsory execution procedures in Korea and abroad against Park Yoo-chun and his helpers.”

According to the legal community on December 24, the Civil Agreement Department 45 of the Seoul Central District Court sentenced Park Yoo-chun and agency Re Cielo, which belongs to him and his mother, to jointly pay 500 million won and delayed interest to the Have Fun Together.

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Previously, Have Fun Together signed a contract with Re Cielo in January 2020 to earn the exclusive management rights for Park Yoo-chun until 2024. However, Park Yoo-chun asked Have Fun Together to terminate the contract in May 2021. Park reportedly joined hands with another management company run by his acquaintance to continue his entertainment activities. Have Fun Together filed a request in August 2021 asking for a ban on Park’s entertainment activities, and received the court’s decision. Nevertheless, Park continued her entertainment activities, leading to a lawsuit worth 500 million won.

In this regard, Park Yoo-cheon and Re Cielo have yet to announce their official statements.

Source: NEWSEN

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