Netizens theorize that BLACKPINK’s Jennie may be featured in the upcoming solo album of BTS’s J-Hope 

Jennie is rumored to be involved in J-Hope’s solo debut. 

The solo debut album “Jack In The Box” of BTS’s J-Hope has been confirmed to be released in mid July. The pre-release b-side track “MORE” is scheduled to be dropped 2 weeks earlier on July 1. On June 28, J-Hope shared several concept photos for “MORE”.

Notably, in one of J-Hope’s concept photos, netizens suddenly spotted the word “BLACKPINK” written on a paper. This has immediately created a stir on social media. 

The appearance of “BLACKPINK” in J-Hope’s teaser sparked a theory that there could be a collaboration between these two groups. In particular, Jennie is the BLACKPINK member who is rumored to be featured in J-Hope’s album. This is because, in Jennie’s recent Instagram story, she posted about a “cat in the box”, which somewhat overlaps with J-Hope’s album title “Jack In The Box”. 

However, fans have pointed out the “BLACKPINK” in J-Hope’s concept photo is not related to the K-pop girl group, but referring to an Australian boy band of the same name. 

The boy group that J-Hope is supposed to be talking about
Jennie is believed to suit J-Hope in terms of musicality 
Jennie’s story coincides with J-Hope’s album title 

Recently, dating rumors have continued to arise between BTS and BLACKPINK’s members, from Jennie and V, to Rosé and J-Hope. V and Lisa also made headlines with their co-appearance at CELINE’s fashion show. 

This has made fans and netizens wonder what would happen if a collaboration actually happened between BTS and BLACKPINK, given the fact that they are the biggest K-pop acts right now. In addition to explosive reactions, fan wars are likely to erupt because BTS and BLACKPINK’s fandoms have a history of not getting along. 

lisa bts v bo gum
V and Lisa shared the same frame at CELINE’s show
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