“We are always thankful”…2NE1 members celebrate the 10th anniversary of their debut

Members of the group 2NE1 celebrate their 10th debut anniversary.


A photo was posted on Gong Minzy’s Instagram on May 17th, along with a caption saying “10 years with 2NE1.

The photo contained letters from 2NE1 members to their fans. Through this, the members expressed their gratitude to fans in the event of the 10th anniversary of 2NE1.


On the same day, CL also celebrated the 10th anniversary of their debut by posting several photos of 2NE1 on her Instagram.

With the caption “2009.5.17-2019.5.17. 10 years. I’m always thankful to 2NE1“, CL showed off her loyalty with the former members.

Meanwhile, 2NE1 members are engaged in a wide range of activities, including solo singers, entertainment shows and acting.

Source: nate

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