Lee Sung-kyung Returns as a Singer with New Digital Single

Beloved actress Lee Sung-kyung is making a comeback as a singer

YG Entertainment announced on December 6th, “Lee Sung-kyung’s new project, a digital single titled ‘Eat Sleep Live Repeat’ will be revealed.”

On December 13th at 12 p.m. KST, Lee Sung-kyung will release the digital single ‘Eat Sleep Live Repeat.’ YG Entertainment previously hinted that this project would showcase Lee Sung-kyung’s deep emotions and endless possibilities as a versatile artist.

lee sung-kyung

The title of “Eat Sleep Live Repeat” is a phrase that anyone can relate to, making everyday dialogue more relatable and thought-provoking. As Lee Sung-kyung has elicited empathy from many through various K-drama characters, expectations are rising for the new narrative embedded in her music.

The poster released on the same day captured attention with its warm yet lonely vibes. Lee Sung-kyung, sitting on a cozy-looking sofa with legs drawn up, gazes somewhere with a thoughtful expression, sparking curiosity about the song.

Throughout her career, Lee Sung-kyung has expanded her range of activities, receiving much love from the public for her solid acting in various works. As Lee Sung-kyung’s unique musical world is hinted at, anticipation from fans is gathering for her upcoming release.

Source: wikitree

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