Yoo Ah-in, Lee Sun-kyun & G-Dragon’s Drug Investigations: What Do They Have In Common?

“PD Note” highlighted the similarity in recent celebrities’ drug cases

MBC’s current affairs program “PD Note” broadcast on November 28th dug into the loopholes in large-scale drug investigations and uncovered the realities of drug distribution, such as psychotropic drugs.

Starting with actor Yoo Ah-in earlier this year, producer Don Spike, actor Lee Sun-kyun, and singer G-Dragon have continuously faced drug allegations. While Yoo Ah-in is accused of administering more than seven drugs. He has set up a powerful defense team for his first hearing on December 12th.

Composer Don Spike, who was sentenced in the second trial earlier this year, also appointed a comprehensive lawyer who was a fellow of the judge in his defense team. Although he successfully avoided imprisonment in the first trial, suspicions of preferential treatment were raised.

In addition, Lee Sun-kyun and G-Dragon reportedly spent billions of won to recruit strong defense teams for the drug charges.

“PD Note” asked, “Does hiring comprehensive lawyers help?”, Lawyer Kim Hee-joon replied, “Because it provides psychological comfort. Having many lawyers does not always make an effective defense. I rarely take on drug cases. If I find a person truly innocent, I normally don’t argue extensively, and it does not always bring about positive results.”

When asked if detention could be prevented by hiring famous lawyers, lawyer Kim said, “Not exactly. In the case of a first-time offender and simple drug charges, an arrest warrant is not necessary. Those famous lawyers have many practical experiences in their job so they can give precise advice. It’s much more helpful than hiring lawyers who are completely unfamiliar with the process”.

Lawyer Kim explained, “There are drug designers. They are people who turn existing drugs into new drugs. When new drugs were discovered for the first time, they were not easily caught with appraisal techniques. I arrested them and confiscated two large water containers. I thought it was heroin and sent a request for analysis, but it turned out to be just water. We couldn’t detect that kind of drugs because we had never seen them before”.

He added, “In the end, we turned to analysing the statements of informants or accomplices, the credibility and reliability of reports. The investigation is not easy at all. Many law firms were established to focus solely on this issue and they started recruiting many comprehensive lawyers”.

Source: Daum

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