Netizens Mocked LE SSERAFIM For Playing Flutes On Encore Stage After Being Criticized For Live Vocals

LE SSERAFIM's newest encore stage continues to cause controversy as the members played flutes instead of singing.

Returning with the mini album “EASY” and the title track of the same name, LE SSERAFIM is conquering the KPOP scene with 4 consecutive wins on music shows. However, the group also caused a wave of controversy over their live vocals as their recent encore stages were criticized as disastrous.

The most controversial is the encore stage at M!Countdown on February 29. The video of this encore stage went viral on Twitter, gaining more than 33 million views in just 1 day.

On March 1, LE SSERAFIM won the third trophy for “EASY” on Music Bank. In the midst of controversy over their singing skills, the group’s newest encore stage attracted more attention than ever. LE SSERAFIM’s encore performance at Music Bank was even more chaotic. However, the reason was because the members played flutes instead of singing.

This was actually a promise LE SSERAFIM made to celebrate their next victory with fans. But amid the live singing controversy, this move made netizens even more sarcastic about the group. Many people think that LE SSERAFIM is “playing tricks”, bringing flutes on stage to avoid having to sing live.

This level of criticism is said to be due to LE SSERAFIM not seriously improving their vocals despite various controversies. Among the 5 members, only leader Chaewon can maintain a stable performance. Main vocal Huh Yunjin is disappointing because of her shaky voice. Among them, the two Japanese members, especially Sakura, were heavily criticized. People believe that LE SSERAFIM focuses too much on choreography, which has let their singing skills decline.

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LE SSERAFIM is not the only 4th generation girl group to be criticized for their live singing skills, IVE also received many negative comments before. NewJeans was also recently accused of lip-syncing at an awards ceremony.

Source: K14

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