“The Queen’s Umbrella” Kim Hye-soo: “A brand new historical drama, there’s never been a Queen like this”

The audience will soon be able to see the strong and great power of love from actress Kim Hye-soo in “The Queen’s Umbrella.”

Actress Kim Hye-soo is once again raising public expectations by playing the role of Queen Hwa-ryeong in tvN’s new Saturday-Sunday drama “The Queen’s Umbrella” (written by Park Ba-ra/directed by Kim Hyung-sik/planned by Studio Dragon/produced by How Pictures), which will premiere at 9:10 p.m. on Saturday, October 15th. Amid enthusiastic responses to its every content that has been released, on Sep 30th, “The Queen’s Umbrella” raises expectations by revealing a Q&A interview where Kim Hye-soo herself revealed about the work and her role Queen Hwaryeong.

the queens umbrella

Below is the full Q&A interview of Kim Hye-soo for “The Queen’s Umbrella”.

1. You finally return to meet viewers through a historical drama after a long time. Please tell us how you feel and why you decided to choose “The Queen’s Umbrella.”

△ It has been a while since I last greeted viewers with historical works since the drama “Jang Hee-bin” and the movie “The Face Reader.” Although she’s a character that has not been seen in existing historical dramas or is not a real person, Hwaryeong immediately captivated me. The reason why I chose “The Queen’s Umbrella” is clear. It’s a new historical drama with an interesting story and characters’ power.

the queens umbrella

2. You play the role of “Queen Hwa-ryeong,” the nation’s mother of Joseon, who had no time to sleep due to the five problematic princes. What kind of charm does Hwa-ryeong have and what is your first impression of her?

△Hwa-ryeong is a woman with strong love power and is a person who is willing to move the mountain and stop the rain to protect her loved ones.

the queens umbrella

3. Hwa-ryeong seems to be a character who acts actively and clearly expresses her intention and feelings, unlike any other Queen in existing historical dramas. She is even called the “fastest person in the palace,” was there any part that troubled you the most about acting while preparing for this character?

△ I believe that the biggest strength of acting is sincerity. The same to when I played the role of Hwa-ryeong. As a queen, mother, and woman, I focus on the direction that her sincerity should be portrayed.

The Queens Umbrella

4. In terms of visuals, is there anything that differentiates the character of Hwa-ryeong from others?

△Since it is a historical drama, there is a limit to the difference in visual. Nevertheless, there is a golden hair ornament with a strong dragon pattern that symbolizes Hwa-ryeong.

5. Which scene do you think best reveals the characteristics of Hwa-ryeong?

△Hwa-ryeong, who adheres to the principle but is also realistic and is more awake than anyone else in the era, is very intuitive and cautious. She acts boldly and faster than anyone else. In addition, she is even witty. In each episode, those images of Hwa-ryeong will appear in various situations.

The Queen's Umbrella

6. Expectations are high for your face-off with actress Kim Hae-sook. Although it seems to be a family conflict between the mother and daughter-in-law closely, the relationship between the Queen and the Queen Dowager is the most exciting point to watch due to their power struggle for their own cause and the hidden truth. How did you feel about meeting her in the same work after a long time?

△ It’s been a long time since I met Kim Hae-sook after the movie “The Thieves.” It is a confrontation between a mother-in-law and a daughter-in-law, but the expression “family conflict between mother and daughter-in-law” simply does not fit our drama. Already from the script, the clash between the two women and their brain fight is quite intense and exciting. There is a huge universe under the “umbrella” of the Queen and the “umbrella” of the Queen Dowager. Actress Kim is always warm and friendly, but the actress Kim Hae-sook who I go against in “The Queen’s Umbrella,” is so new. Her performance never ages. At many moments, I’m always admiring and acting in appreciation of my encounter with Kim Hae-sook.

The Queens Umbrella

7. If you could give a nickname to Hwa-ryeong?

△ There has never been such a great battle! The busiest Queen ever, the fastest one that everyone will ever see.

8. Lastly, what are the details to focus on so that viewers can enjoy “The Queen’s Umbrella” more?

△ You just have to be in front of the TV comfortably following the broadcast time. Within 5 minutes, “The Queen’s Umbrella” will be yours!

The Queen's Umbrella

tvN’s new Saturday-Sunday drama “The Queen’s Umbrella,” starring Kim Hye-soo, the “Trustworthy Actress,” will premiere at 9:10 p.m. on Saturday, October 15th.

Source: daum

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