Current status of an actor who became Sungkyunkwan University’s “Festival Sales King” thanks to his excellent speaking skills

“Under the Queen’s Umbrella” Moon Sang Min’s behind-the-scenes still cuts were revealed.

Moon Sang Min‘s sleek jawline and fatal eyes stole women’s hearts. It is said that he surprised the filming set by skillfully digesting extreme emotions as well as dynamic action scenes.

moon sang min

Moon Sang Min is increasing viewers’ immersion level with delicate emotional acting as he digested various emotions in various situations.

On Oct 30th, Moon Sang Min visited fans with a video titled “Why did Moon Sang Min meet Kim Hye Soo on Chuseok?” on ESQUIRE Korea’s YouTube channel.

In this video, Moon Sang Min revealed his unexpected charm by sharing that he is afraid of animals and cannot even touch a puppy, yet became close with the horse he rode on set.

Moon Sang Min picked Chuseok as the most memorable episode he had during the filming and confessed, “The actors couldn’t go to their hometowns because everyone had a shoot on Chuseok. Kim Hye Soo, the mother in the drama, invited all the princes and treated us to a meal.

kim hye soo moon sang min

He went on to say, “Since we all gathered together at the time, I wanted to leave something as a memory, so I asked Kim Hye Soo, ‘Senior, do you want to go take a photo at the photo booth with us?’ and she happily agreed.

He recalled, “It was not an unmanned booth where we took the photos, but a studio, so I remember taking it as if we were taking a family photo together. Senior also said it was her first time, so we enjoyed taking the photos with my younger siblings.

Moon Sang Min

Moon Sang Min, a student of the ’19 class of the Department of Acting, revealed that he was a public relations ambassador in the university. He was also the sales king at the festival bar while conducting the entrance ceremony and club booth.

When asked about his secret to becoming the sales king, he replied, “I think it was because I’m good at speaking. I’m not afraid of strangers.” He showed affection for school life, “When I go to school, I have friends and feel comfortable.

Moon Sang Min

Moon Sang Min made his debut through the 2019 web drama “4 Reasons Why I Hate Christmas”. He gained experience by appearing as Ko Gun Pyung in Netflix’s original series “My Name” and as Jo Ah Seo in tvN’s “The Mermaid Prince: The Beginning”.

Source: Daum

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